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The Knoxville Pipes and Drums had its beginnings in the spring of 1991 with Anne Armstrong and Keith Heishman, who were practice chanter students at the time. They were later joined by bagpiper Garry McBride, who had recently moved to Nashville. The core of the band started to form. Piper Tom Gordon joined in the summer, followed by David Perkins, Larry Campbell, and Chris Riedl (still an active member) in the fall of the same year.

Tom Gordon assumed the role of Pipe Major, leading the band, while Chris Riedl became the Pipe Sergeant, and Anne Armstrong took on the position of Band Coordinator. In the early days, the drum corps included members such as Arvilee Grant and Eric Johnstone on snares, with Tracy Riedl on bass. Ron Adams served as the first Drum Major.


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